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2015 year in review

Stephan Loerke, WFA CEO, writes:

Your continued support in 2015 has enabled us to grow the team, become more global and deliver more added-valu…

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Outlook for 2015

Every New Year comes with three things attached: new trends and projects, a continuation of the same and the odd surprise.

2015 will be no diff…

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There are no exceptions

Advertising self-regulation is not a pick and mix: it must cover all marketing. That includes social media. It is becoming urgent for marketers to decide how to make this work in practice, says Stephan Loerke.

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Time to go Dutch on data

The Netherlands used to take one of the strictest views on online privacy in Europe but a consumer backlash has forced a re-think. EU regulators currently developing a new framework for data protection should take note. Stephan Loerke explains.

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Decision time on big data

Regulators worldwide are setting new rules to protect consumers’ interests in the age of big data. We can’t simply reapply old solutions, says Stephan Loerke.

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