What is WFA?

WFA is the only global organization representing the common interests of marketers. It brings together the biggest markets and marketers worldwide, representing roughly 90% of global marketing communications spend, almost US$ 900 billion annually. WFA champions responsible and effective marketing communications.

WFA Statutes

Benefits of membership

You can't solve every problem by yourself. That's why WFA members turn to the collective wisdom of our global network for help and inspiration.
You are not alone...

Responsible marketing communications: with freedom comes responsibility

  • WFA champions and defends marketers interests;
  • WFA helps set standards for responsible marketing communications worldwide;
  • WFA encourages leadership initiatives, which go beyond compliance with existing industry standards

Effective marketing communications: the many are smarter than the few

  • WFA helps its members to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their marketing communications through knowledge and experience sharing and benchmarking;
  • WFA provides a unique global network of marketers who help each other navigate the fast-changing marketing landscape;
  • WFA takes a global leadership role on key marketing issues which affect its members.
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