Policy Action Group

More information? Contact Axel Debry at a.debry@wfanet.org, +32 (0)2 502 57 40.

The Policy Action Group brings together senior representatives from national advertiser associations and corporate members working on public policy issues related to marketing communications.

Through the PAG, WFA engages directly with top-level decision makers and drives advocacy programmes on issues that affect marketers' operations.

Impact on policy decisions

The key objectives of the PAG are to:
  • Represent the interests of WFA members in the formulation of policies;
  • Explain and champion the value of responsible commercial communications;
  • Promote and strengthen effective advertising self-regulation;
  • Help WFA members understand and respond to the impact of policy developments on their marketing operations.

Keeping members informed

PAG's members benefit from a range of information tools including regular mailings to share relevant and timely information, a weekly EU Brief summarising important regulatory developments and detailed quarterly issue briefs on key dossiers.

The PAG also runs a comprehensive 'regulatory helpdesk' for WFA members, providing information, advice, argumentations and training on policy dossiers related to commercial communications.

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