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WFA CMO World Tour

WFA is travelling the world to talk to the top marketers at the world's leading brands. Our aim is to explore the impact of the digital age on marketers' personal lives and how this reflects on their own marketing vision and approach.

Our interviewer, Frédéric Colas, is the Chief Strategic Officer of Fullsix, a leading independent digital marketing group. On his journey around the world, he will be talking to members of the WFA's global network of marketers to tease out insights and draw learning, which he'll relay back to the WFA membership.

The project is supported by Facebook. Media deals have also been agreed with Advertising Age, Marketing, Stratégies and Campaign Asia for broadcasting rights of the interviews. Exclusive content for WFA members will be available following the tour.
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03/04/2012 - Olivier Faujour, President of General Mills France / Benelux and Italy

Global CMO Board

Global CMO Board
WFA's flagship peer-to-peer group meets annually and is exclusively for client-side global Chief Marketing Officers (or equivalent brand heads). The group is Chaired by Chris Burggraeve, Chief Marketing Officer, Anheuser-Busch InBev and tables the issues that are top of mind for leaders of the world's biggest marketers. Contact Any Ung for more information on how to be a part of the conversation.
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