Partner events

Below are a selection of events from organisations WFA works with. In some cases WFA members can receive a discount on registration. Contact for more information.
20 Mar 2017

Advertising Week Europe

WFA members get 30% off. For more information, contact Claire
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21 Mar 2017

The Media Challenge: Achieving Transparency and Effectiveness to Drive Business Outcomes

Sydney, Australia
Organised by the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA)
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4 Apr 2017

Six Emotions International Congress (in Spanish)

Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Organised by the National Association of Advertisers of Bolivia (ANDA Bolivia)
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14 Apr 2017

DIG-IT 2017

Karachi, Pakistan
Organised by the Pakistan Advertisers' Scoeity (PAS)
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15 Apr 2017

PAS Awards

Karachi, Pakistan
Organised by the Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS)
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26 Apr 2017

Premio ANDA 2017

Lima, Peru
Organised by the Peruvian Association of Advertisers (ANDA Peru)
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27 Apr 2017

ACA-WFA Global Marketer Conference

Toronto, Canada
Organised by the Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA) and WFA
All Canada-based marketers, including ACA members, can register here:
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11 May 2017

Swedish Advertisers AdDay 2017

Stockholm, Sweden
Organised by the Swedish Advertisers (SA)
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8 Jun 2017

Effie Awards Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia
Organised by the Association of Colombian Advertisers (ANDA)
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15 Jun 2017

ANFO ADTECH: Programmatic

Organised by Norwegian Association of Advertisers (ANFO)
More info to follow soon.
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5 Jul 2017

UPA 2017

Milan, Italy
Organised by the Italian Advertisers Association (UPA)
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