Project Reconnect: helping marketers get it right
In partnership with Firefly
Yes, we're the World Federation of Advertisers. But that doesn't mean we think all advertising is good. We're fully aware that people don't always like ads. In fact, a lot of the time people find them irrelevant, intrusive and even annoying. Some people go further and blame advertising for all kinds of things from excessive consumption of food and drink to pester power and materialism. This is not a good state of affairs and one we want to try and remedy over time.

Some brands are really good at listening to people and delivering what people want. But we think that for too long the marketing industry at large hasn't been good enough at listening. And this is where Project Reconnect comes in.

We hope that through dialogue we can help bring marketers and people a bit closer together. Talking to people about what they do and don't want from brand communications might just help give marketers a better idea of what people really want and expect from brands. Of course, we're not going to change things over night. But, over time, we hope to help provide practical guidance to marketers to help them be more in tune with what people want.

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