2013 Global Advertising Summit – Time to make the case for advertising


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On Thursday 6 June, global advertising industry leaders met in New York for the 10th Global Advertising Summit. Taking a step back from ongoing policy discussions around public health, online privacy etc, the Summit focused on the importance of fostering a better understanding of the numerous benefits of advertising for consumers, the economy and society at large.

Advertising boosts growth, innovation and competitiveness. It underpins freedom of the media, enables consumer choice and finances an unprecedented range of online services that empower and delight people worldwide. In short, advertising is at the very heart of a free and open society.

Reviewing studies and initiatives from the UK, Brazil and Sweden to the US, delegates at the Summit noted that the evidence about the value advertising adds to our lives is indisputable. Yet, too often it continues to be ignored in a public policy context.

Against this background, delegates at the Summit agreed industry needed to be more effective at promoting a broader understanding of advertising's raison d'Ítre, and thus restoring some balance to growing, often unfounded, calls for advertising restrictions. Notwithstanding the importance of honest debates about today's major public policy challenges, advertising in and of itself is a force for good. It is our responsibility as advertisers, agencies and media to prove this. Working with our partners worldwide, WFA will make this a priority going forward.

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