ANA launches toolkit for marketers implementing OBA self-regulation


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In order to foster consumer trust in online, ANA has worked with a wide range of companies and industry groups from across the entire online ecosystem to develop an important new program, which enables consumers to control how they are targeted by advertising online. The program represents the industry's response to the call of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for more robust and effective self-regulation of OBA practices that will foster transparency, knowledge and choice for consumers.

ANA and the broader advertising community are committed to meeting the challenge laid down by the FTC to effectively protect consumers through "robust, enforceable self-regulation." ANA is currently appealing to marketers across the US to join the program. Without broad industry support, self-regulatory efforts are likely to be supplemented by new restrictions imposed by the government that the advertising community will in all probability not favour.

Background information and the toolkit for marketers (aimed at helping advertisers understand how to comply with the self-regulatory initiative) can be downloaded here.

For more information please contact Malte Lohan

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