ANZA to participate in NZ government-led alcohol ad "Expert Forum"


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The New Zealand Government is reviewing all aspects of alcohol marketing under the Alcohol Reform Bill. A key recommendation from the Select Committee review of the Bill is the proposed establishment of an 'Expert Forum” to consider further restrictions to alcohol advertising and sponsorship.

According to ANZA, this Forum could consider current research and international developments, as well as the outcomes from the NZ Advertising Standards Authority's ongoing review of the code for alcohol advertising. They will also review how further marketing restrictions could impact on the recipients of sponsorship for community organisations and sports teams. It is expected that the Forum will report back to the Ministers of Justice and Health within a year of the bill being passed.

Officials are working to have the terms of reference confirmed by the end of the year and the Forum members appointed early next year. Forum membership will be critical to industry, with the need for objective evaluation of advertising and sponsorship control measures. ANZA will be providing strong evidence-based resource on the impact of advertising and sponsorship, with the support of WFA.

For any information, please contact Lindsay Mouat, Chief Executive, ANZA, email:

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