Argentina elects Philip Perez as President of the Association


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On April 29th, the Argentinean Advertisers Association (CAA) celebrated its General Assembly and elected Philip Perez, current General Manager, as President of the Association. The mandate lasts until 2016 and Philip Perez will retain his function as General Manager. Unifying both responsibilities aims at promoting the collective governance of the Association as well as providing increased leverage in discussions with regulatory bodies.

Ezequiel Perez Jones (Unilever), Luis De La Fuente (Laboratorios Bago) and Luis Mario Castro (Kimberly-Clark) were also elected to the board.

Ezequiel Perez Jones expressed his gratitude to all outgoing directors for the support they gave to the association, highlighted the achievements of Philip Perez, and predicted a positive outlook for the new leadership.

For more information, please contact Philip Perez (

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