Argentinians promote efficiency and transparency in media buying


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To increase efficiency of advertising investments and to improve transparency in media buying, the Argentinian Association's (CAA) Media Committee has promoted the use of media data pool benchmarking or real media cost benchmarking, a common good practice across more mature markets.

Several suppliers were contacted, a tender was issued and the Committee selected 'Media Auditors' (, an independent company originating from Spain and part of an international network specialized in media auditing.

Real media cost benchmarking (also provided by Media Auditors in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Mexico) aims at providing objective, transparent and independent information about real advertising costs charged by the media and average discounts on each media. It is hoped that the delivery of mean figures in an anonymous manner will prove to be a powerful tool in helping Argentinian marketers to develop trading strategies that optimise the effectiveness of their media budget.

A 20% permanent discount has been secured for all CAA members participating in the audit.

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