Association of Swedish Advertisers launches “wiki forum”


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The Association of Swedish Advertisers (SA) has launched a wiki on their webpage; a type of website that allows the creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser. It takes its name from Wikipedia, the popular web-based, collaborative encyclopaedia.

The purpose of the wiki is to create an online space where SA can publish materials that are frequently updated, while allowing these documents to be reviewed and updated by people other than the original authors.

In a first instance, the wiki will contain the manuals of the association's various media committees, including the Committee for newspaper advertisements, the PR Committee, the Committee for mobile marketing etc. The manuals are aimed at assisting advertisers understand various types of media.

During an initial trial period, the wiki will be open for anyone to edit the documents. The objective is to offer knowledge to people across the broader industry and pool additional expertise across various media types- a forum where everyone can participate and contribute with their expertise.

For any additional questions, please contact Anna Lindström, Webmaster, SA email:

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