Belgian Book It session to shed light on 'the age of conversations'


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Belgian best-selling author Steven van Belleghem's new book 'De Conversation Company' will take centre stage at UBA's first 'Book It' event of the year on March 8th. This session will highlight the great potential of conversations that marketers can exploit, and will give tips to marketers willing to turn their company into 'a conversation company'.

UBA's Book It sessions aim to present outstanding marketing publications to an audience of marketing professionals who would not otherwise have the time to read them. In a one-hour session (8-9 AM), participants are given the key take-outs of the book by the book's author, while having the opportunity to discuss issues in greater depth over breakfast. A free copy of the book is also distributed to all participants. Launched in 2009, this initiative is organised quarterly and has been a growing success.

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