Belgian industry launches food marketing initiative


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On Tuesday 11 September at a public event in Brussels, The Belgian Advertisers Association (UBA), COMEOS and FEVIA (Belgian food associations), officially launched the Belgian Pledge. The event included speeches by Laurette Onkelinx, Belgian Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health; Stephan Loerke, Managing Director, World Federation of Advertisers as well as other stakeholders.

The Belgian Pledge is based largely on the principles of the EU Pledge. Information about the event and the details of the Belgian Pledge can be found here. To date, the Belgian Pledge has 30 signatories, 10 of which are not signatories to the EU Pledge.

During her address to the audience, Minister Onkelinx acknowledged the value of the Belgian Pledge by saying:

“I would like to commend the Belgian Pledge initiative presented today by Fevia, Comeos and UBA. To be engaged on the road to more responsible marketing demonstrates the will of the sector to participate more actively in the struggle against bad eating habits and lifestyle.”

« Je souhaite saluer l'initiative du Belgian pledge présenté aujourd'hui par la Fevia, Comeos et UBA. S'engager sur la voie d'un marketing plus responsable démontre une volonté du secteur de participer plus activement à la lutte contre les mauvaises habitudes alimentaires et de style de vie. »

For more information on the EU or Belgian Pledge please contact Atu Darko.

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