Belgium tells members to start “thinking in new boxes”


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The Belgian Advertiser Association (UBA) is hosting an event that encourages members to start “thinking in new boxes”, based on a new marketing communications bestseller. With author and guest speaker Luc de Brabandere, who is a civil engineer and philosopher, the event reminds members that if they want to grow their organisation, the path already travelled is not the right strategy - thinking outside the box is not enough – marketers have to start thinking 'in new boxes'.

The session will shed new light on creativity through five basic fundamentals: question the classical perspectives, look at what is possible, imagine new and exciting ideas, evaluate and select ideas that can work and be ruthlessly self-critical.

The session which forms part of their “Book It” series includes breakfast, networking amongst members, a presentation and a free copy of the book. For more information, visit the UBA website.

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