Call for submissions: WFA President's Awards 2017


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Global Marketer Week will provide the backdrop to the 2017 WFA President's Awards. The awards look to recognise association-led industry initiatives which have helped advance the marketers' agenda and made a real difference.

National advertiser associations which are members of WFA are invited to nominate programmes led by their organisations over the course of the last two years (2015 and/or 2016). These must be 'industry', rather than company-specific, and can cover areas related to best practice in marketing communications, audience measurement, advertising self-regulation, ethics in advertising, sustainability programmes and so on.

The initiatives will be evaluated by WFA President and RBS CMO David Wheldon and honoured during the WFA Gala Dinner on Thursday 27 April in Toronto. National advertiser associations wishing to submit entries should do so by 3rd March 2017. The submission form can be downloaded here.

Previous editions were held in Istanbul, Brussels and Marrakech. Former winners in 2010, 2013 and 2015 include:
  • Australian Association of National Advertisers
  • China Association of National Advertisers
  • Association of Advertisers (Finland)
  • Swedish Advertisers
  • Pakistan Advertisers Society
  • Union des Annonceurs (France)
  • Asociacion Nacional de Anunciantes (Peru)
  • Indian Society of Advertisers
  • Asociacion Nacional de Anunciantes (Chile)
  • Union Belge des Annonceurs (Belgium)
  • Incorporated Society of British Advertisers

For more information, please contact Natalia.

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