Chinese association engages on revision of Ad Law


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The China Association of National Advertisers (CANA) held a working group meeting regarding the revision of the Chinese Ad Law (CAL) expected to be finalised later this year. Companies present during the meeting included Mars, Ferrero, Grupo Bimbo, Coca-Cola, Hasbro and Danone. CANA is working together with the China Advertising Association (CAA) on this issue.

In the latest draft of the regulation, there are a number of areas of specific interest to brand owners, including references to false and misleading advertising, potential restrictions on 'direct exhortations' in marketing to children and potential sanctions (including fines) for non-compliance with the law.

The working group has engaged with regulators and Mr. Shi Xinzhang, Deputy Director of the Division of Supervision & Administration of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC), the government department responsible for advertising, attended the meeting on 18th March.

CANA plans on follow up meetings, which will also directly engage government authorities on the revision of the advertising law. We attach the latest draft of the law is attached and we are working on getting an English copy which we will send as soon as we have it.

For more information please feel free to reach out to Li Xiao at the CANA, who has been scheduling and facilitating these exchanges.

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