Colombia holds annual advertising congress


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This year, the seventeenth Colombian Congress of Advertising will be held at hotel Las Americas in Cartegena de Indias from the 3rd – 5th of October. The city of Cartegena de Indias, designated by UNESCO as a heritage city, has hosted the Congress every two years since 1980.

This Congress will be held under the leadership of the Colombian Association of Newspaper Editors and Media (ANDIARIOS), in association with the National Association of Media (Asomedios), the National Association of Advertisers (ANDA) and the Colombian Union of Advertising Companies (UCEP). This Congress has become the most important publicity event in Colombia, and brings together nearly 1,500 participants including prominent executives from media and advertising companies. It addresses both national and international issues that have high impact on the media and advertising industry, such as communication strategies, technological advances, trends and creative development.

The lectures this year will build on the Congress' theme of “Without Borders, Nothing is the Same”. Lectures will be attended by prominent national and international speakers, who will contribute their expertise and knowledge to the discussion. Traditionally, several past events were inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Colombia, who recognised the important part the Congress played in the country's economic issues.

For more information and to learn how to attend, please contact Beatriz Helena González at

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