Draft bill in Italian Parliament aims to restrict advertising to children


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A draft bill introduced in the Italian Parliament in April 2013 would impose a ban on radio and TV advertising during programmes aimed at children under the age of 10, as well as on the advertising of products “that can harm children's health”. Local advertiser Association UPA is setting up a group similar to WFA's Responsible Advertising and Children (RAC) programme to provide industry support.

The bill also proposes the following restrictions:
  • A 2-minute advertising cap for every 30 minutes of programming aimed at children aged 10 to 14 years old
  • A ban on children under the age of 14 to feature in adverts or teleshopping spots

The draft bill entitled "Provisions for the protection of minors in the context of transmissions and radio and television advertising" was introduced a group of left-wing deputies led by Maria Antezza (Partito Democratico) and was assigned to the Culture Committee for consideration in August 2013.

While the deputy mentioned that many products high in fat, sugar and salt (“HFSS” products) are advertised in Italy, her bill does not define what constitutes products “that can harm children's health”.

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