European kids see a third less TV foods ads than in 2005


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European children are exposed to a third less food ads on TV than in 2005, according to the latest monitoring results of the EU pledge, a commitment by major food brands to change how they market to children. Signatories of the EU pledge represent over 80% of food marketing spend in Europe. The results also show that children see a half of the advertising they did in 2005 for food products that don't fit specific 'better-for-you' criteria.

The EU pledge is a commitment taken in the framework of the European Commission's platform for action on diet, physical activity and health. The initiative is monitored annually by Accenture to measure change. The pledge also reports how the commitment has been extended now to cover company-owned websites.

Children's exposure to advertising for products that do not fulfil companies' 'better-for-you' criteria fell by 48%. Their exposure to all product advertising by EU pledge member companies on TV dropped by 29%.

The Commission has repeatedly praised the EU pledge as delivering on one of the key goals of the platform; that is, to ensure marketing helps promote, rather than undermine, healthy eating habits. Highlighted for particular praise has been the recent agreement by the member companies to agree on common nutritional criteria, which define 'better for you'.

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