Finland introduces nation-wide alcohol advertising ban in public spaces


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Five years after the amendment of the Finnish Alcohol Act, which already toughened the restrictions on alcohol advertising in Finland, the Finnish Parliamentary Social Affairs and Health Committee issued a report 'to prohibit advertising of mild alcoholic beverages in public places in Finland'.
The aim, a Parliament spokesperson said, is 'to reduce the situations where children and youth are exposed to alcohol advertising'.

TV and radio advertising for all alcoholic beverages which contain more than 22% alcohol are already prohibited in Finland. On this basis, a transposition of the above mentioned disposition in the national legislative framework would significantly strengthen the legal pressure on alcohol advertising in Finland by extending the ban to public spaces and to all alcohol beverages, both above and below 22% alcohol. The Alcohol Act is expected to be updated based on the proposal within a month.

WFA will continue to follow this very closely in collaboration with the Association of Finnish Advertisers. The developments in Finland emphasise the importance of self-regulatory initiatives to ensure responsible alcohol marketing targeted at adults, such as the Responsible Marketing Pact. WFA and its members and partners will continue to roll out these programmes and to demonstrate their effectiveness through external measurement and evaluation.

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