Finland publishes books on digital marketing and marketing procurement


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The Finnish Advertiser Association (ML) has published a practical handbook called Digin Mitalla for marketers to help them analyse the effectiveness of digital marketing and sales – authored by nine experts in the area.

The book answers questions such as:
1. ROI, CPA and CLV – are these tangible metrics or merely digital marketing jargon?
2. What determines web analytics?
3. What does a measurement toolkit look like?
4. What are some proprietary media analytics methods?
5. Attribution models

ML has also published a second handbook on marketing procurement – which explains the benefits of marketing procurement for an organization, and provides examples and recommendations for best practices. It also looks at the most common pitfalls, as well as agency pitching, evaluation and a variety of compensation models.

The handbook includes, amongst other things:
1. The role of procurement
2. The company's internal functions and roles
3. How a partnership relationship be managed, including selection, measurement, evaluation and remuneration
4. Marketing procurement in international environment

For more information, contact Janne Häivälä.

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