Finns hold seminar on Facebook


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The Association of Finnish Advertisers (ML) kicked off 2012 with a seminar, entitled “Facebook, the new Internet?”. The event took place in Helsinki and brought together a record 140 participants, including client-side marketers, agencies and local associations.

Finland's most recognised experts in social media marketing were invited to speak at the event, which was moderated by the Digital Director at Omnicom Media Group, Finland. The seminar offered insights to help marketers optimise their Facebook usage as part an integrated marketing plan, measure effectiveness and set up cross-functional social media teams. One of the highlights was a case study from telecommunications operator, TaliaSonera's, regarding the company's use of Facebook.

The seminar constituted part of ML's morning seminar programme of a dozen half-day events per year. Future events will focus on topics, such as mobile marketing, measuring marketing ROI and producing content in social media.

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