Five tips for better natural search


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A benchmark amongst WFA Digital Network members has identified five key measures that can assist marketers who want to ensure branded sites and content appears higher up the natural search lists.

The tips have been submitted by Digital Network members as part of a regular survey of best practice in search engine optimisation carried out in October 2011.

1. Ensure technical measures are in place: This includes standardised site guidelines such as title tags, header tags and so that every piece of content conforms to best practice as well as ensuring sites are “crawler friendly” to make sure that your content is properly indexed.

2. Extend search strategy beyond classic content: include picture search, geo-targeted, video and mobile search in their strategies, particularly for any new work.

3. Identify keywords that are truly relevant: A clear strategy is required, including monitoring competitor performance and existing performance, in order to identify the right keywords and create the targeted content.

4. Make your pages more social: encouraging linking via Facebook Like, Google +1 will build coverage and improve algorithm scores.

5. Integrate all your search efforts: one member suggested that the best way to do this the same agency should handle paid and natural search, in any case both paid and natural search strategies should be managed in tandem.

For more information contact Any Ung Rangarajan at or visit the WFA's Global Knowledge Base.

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