Former US CDCP Director suggests new strategies to improve food marketing to children


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In an editorial published in “Health Affairs” – available for purchase here – the former director of the US Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, William H. Dietz, suggests new ways to improve food marketing to children.

After a detailed historical (and critical) summary of developments since the first complaints to the FTC in the 70's to the interruption of the Interagency Working Group's efforts to develop nutritional criteria, the author recommends three “new” courses of actions to improve food marketing to children:
  • Mobilize parents more (“parents have largely been absent from these debates and have not been an effective political force on [this] issue”)
  • Use social media for counteradvertising
  • Increase the demand for technological and other strategies that will help parents limit the food marketing to which their children are exposed: Ad-skipping in video on demand, ad block online, and do-not-track.

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