French advertiser community expresses support for Sapin Law


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The French Advertiser Association (UDA) has received strong backing from the media in a joint statement by print press unions, defending the application of the Sapin Law (Loi Sapin) across the entire spectrum of advertising media including digital media. The UDA has long been pushing for wider adoption of the Sapin regulations.

In January 1993, the French Parliament approved the Sapin Law to prevent corruption and introduce transparency into media dealings. The Sapin Law requires that all companies that act as media planners must inform clients of the financial ties that they have to media brokers or media owners. The law provides that the intermediary who buys ad space or any other ad service must do so as an agent of an advertiser and not for its own account – in order to promote billing practices that correspond to services actually rendered.

Coming on the heels of a similar press release in May 2014 by representative bodies of TV, radio and outdoor advertising media last month, UDA has also received support in its demands for the Sapin Law to be applied unmodified to online and offline transactions and ad space sales. UDA has long been leading efforts to ensure that the Sapin Law covers all forms of digital media buying.

For more information, visit the UDA website.

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