French association recognized for positive role played in combatting obesity


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In 2009, the French Ministers for Health and Culture co-signed- with members of the advertising and broadcasting industries- a self-regulatory charter to promote healthy eating and physical activity in TV programmes and TV advertising. The Charter's implemention was to be overseen by the French Audiovisual Council (CSA).

The charter has now been signed by the French Minister of Food and Agriculture, Mr. Bruno Le Maire. This additional signatory coincides with a positive appraisal of the Charter's implementation by CSA: the number of TV programmes promoting healthy eating as well as physical activity to a young audience has increased by 78% in 2010 in comparison to 2009.

As part of the positive appraisal, UDA (the French Advertiser Association) was commended for the positive impact it had had in reinforcing advertising self-regulatory codes of conduct.

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