French audiovisual authorities publish positive report on food advertising charter


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In June, the audiovisual regulatory body in France (CSA) published the third implementation report of the “Albanel-Bachelot” Charter that promotes healthy eating and physical activity in programs and advertisements broadcast on television. The implementation of this Charter was concluded in 2009 between marketers in the food industry and Roselyne Bachelot and Christine Albanel, who were then respectively Health and Culture/Communications ministers in France (hence, the name of the Charter).

The focus was placed this year on a survey commissioned by the CSA on French youth's perception of programs promoting good nutritional habits, including short programs funded by advertisers and broadcast channels. The results are positive since the CSA found out that these programs have a real impact on eating behaviors. Additionally, the report highlighted a step forward from advertisers increasingly engaging in producing 'quality' food advertising content.

However, this legislation may be revised and tightened this Fall.

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