French release Charter on responsible communications


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On 9th December, The French Advertiser Association (UDA) released the fourth edition of its charter for responsible communications (Charte d'engagements des annonceurs pour une communication responsible) before an audience of advertisers, communication and CSR professionals. This year, its signatories presented a record 819 examples of best practice in responsible marketing communications.

Quantitative KPIs are now widely used by 97% of signatories, 91% have offered training to their teams, 89% have created their own CSR charter, 98% have implemented a validation process for communications and 97% are working on reducing the footprint of their non-media communications.

In addition, UDA has teamed up with French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) in order to incentivize and inspire marketers to develop responsible marketing communications. In 2011, they launched a best-practice-sharing portal and a guide entitled, “Responsible Communications, a Source of Values” ("La communication responsable, source de valeurs") In 2012, they are planning four new workshops and a new briefing guide.

The full list of actions undertaken by the signatories is available at For more information, please contact Dominique Candellier at

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