Grupo Bimbo hosts first IMC Forum in LATAM


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26th June saw WFA's IMC FORUM meet in Mexico City for the first time. The event welcomed 20 marketers to share and learn on integrated marketing communications. Grupo Bimbo's Global CMO, Javier Medrano, hosted the all-day event.

The day started with participants sharing common IMC challenges. Many of these areas would be familiar to WFA marketers who have attended this forum in Europe and Asia. These included: overcoming internal silos, improving collaboration amongst agency partners, responding to platform proliferation, prioritising amongst complex brand portfolios and understanding the returns from a more integrated approach.

A member-led session in the morning provided a first-class case study on developing an IMC process. Within this journey, the member had developed an approach, inspired by colleagues in China; where all relevant agencies come together for two weeks in one house (eating and sleeping there) to enable time to co-create a truly integrated response to the client's IMC brief.

The afternoon included a guest presentation from the co-founder of Naked Communications, providing excellent stimulus for group discussions on impacting effective change. Round-table sessions teased out some of the solutions participants had tried to employ to impact change internally (amongst global regional and local colleagues) and externally (amongst complex agency rosters) towards adopting a more integrated approach to marketing.

The IMC FORUM next meets in Singapore September 25th and in London October 24th.

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