Helen Faasse leaves the Dutch Association


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On April 8th 2014, Helen Faasse moved on from her role as head of the Dutch Advertiser Association (BVA). Helen was with the Dutch Association since May 2006.

She joined the BVA in 2002. Prior to being appointed director, she worked as a Senior Project Manager and General Manager. Under her leadership, the focus of BVA shifted its focus to addressing public affairs issues, including the implementation of the self-regulatory code of conduct.

Notable highlights of her leadership at BVA included BVA's 90th anniversary which featured a session by David Plouffe, the campaign manager of Barack Obama, as well as several editions of the yearly '24 hours of Advertising' festival, which in 2012 included former U.S. President Bill Clinton as the guest of honour.

“Helen's positive and unifying spirit helped the BVA expand and go from strength to strength,” said BVA President Frenkel Denie. She has been succeeded by Loiks Stelwagen who will lead the organisation until the appointment of a new permanent director. Loiks has spent a number of years on the BVA board. For more information, contact lo´ke.stelwagen@bva.nl

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