How to use digital marketing management platforms


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WFA recently ran a webinar in partnership with DataXu on digital marketing technologies. The session helped both marketing and procurement understand a number of trends related to sourcing this fast evolving category.

- cost reduction and efficiency drivers in digital marketing
- latest technologies available to drive effectiveness
- the state of agency capabilities within the marketplace
- how CMO opinion complements and contrasts with procurement perspectives

The webinar also highlighted recent research (conducted in April 2012) from amongst WFA's global marketing procurement network:

- 87% of procurement teams are involved with sourcing a broad array of digital marketing technologies, but only half of these are actually managing this centrally. The rest leave this to local teams.

- Although 50% of procurement teams turn to their agencies for technology recommendations, not surprising given they are often strategic partners, far more (71%) simply use their internal marketing teams to get insight into the right suppliers to be engaging with.

- 65% of procurement teams were not convinced that their digital marketing management platforms were effectively allocating marketing spend across channels, and that additional costs were being incurred by the client that could be recouped through innovations in newer management platforms.

WFA members can log in and download a copy of presentation below. For more information please contact Steve Lightfoot

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