Indian association opposes premium charges for 'HD advertising space'


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With the increasing digitalisation of Indian Cable & Satellite TV broadcasts, some Indian TV channels have started offering a separate High Definition (HD) feed on top of their regular channels for compatible TVs. While channels, programming and timings remain the same, broadcasters are now starting to sell advertising space separately on HD feeds from the regular channels.

Initially, HD feeds did not carry advertising. But broadcasters are now starting to sell advertising space separately for the HD channels, since the HD feed is viewed by different, higher income groups. As HD TVs are expensive, broadcasters have identified a potential audience for which they can charge advertisers a premium.

The Indian Society of Advertisers' Media Committee position is that the HD feed is just a separate distribution vehicle, like Direct to Home (DTH), Terrestrial, Cable etc., and therefore should not have separate pricing.

After conducting a benchmark on this topic for ISA, WFA witnessed large disparities in terms on HD TV penetration at national level. But it seems that Brazil is the only country where a different pricing model is in place for ads on HD feeds.

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