Irish Association commissions study on advertising


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The Association of Advertisers in Ireland (AAI) recently commissioned a research study to assess the contribution of advertising to the Irish economy. The study was launched on 28th June by the Irish Minister for Communications, Pat Rabbitte.

The study, entitled the Economic Impact of Advertising in Ireland, sets out to measure and estimate why advertising is, from an economic viewpoint, a critical part of the Irish economy. The study will be executed by Aecom, and will provide the AAI a basis for arguing on behalf of advertising and the role it plays.

Pat Rabbitte said: “This study is a particularly welcome contribution to our understanding of the nature of the Advertising Industry in Ireland and of recent developments in the industry. ......The economic importance of advertising and media is often left out of public debate and Aecom's work serves as a salutary reminder of the value of the advertising sector as an employer, of its contribution to other sectors of the economy, its role in developing creative talent and its contribution to the Exchequer........ There is a clear message here that this is a real and vital sector, which, despite the downturn and behavioural shifts, is continuing to make a significant contribution to employment and to our economic recovery..

The AAI has assured the Minister that the industry wants to be party to developing solutions to societal issues. For more information, please visit the AAI website or contact Ed McDonald (

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