Japan seeks to increase number of Advertiser-agency contracts signed


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In September 2012, the Japanese association (JAA) released an updated version of the standardized advertiser-agency contract model. This contract, originally released in 2009 in partnership with the JAAA (Japan Advertising Agency Association), aimed to help those advertisers and agencies who were signing a contract for the first time. This was in response to the fact that in 2008, only 60% of advertisers had a contract with their agencies.

To encourage more advertisers to sign formal contracts with their agencies, the JAA has released an updated version of the contract, which contains comments, guidelines and advice aimed specifically towards advertisers. The JAA hopes that this will make it easier for advertisers to understand agency contracts and therefore use them more frequently in their dealings with agencies.

For more information, please contact Hideto Takada at hideto@jaa.or.jp

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