Making a World Class Insights Team


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Growing a successful, world class insights team can be as difficult as growing a brand. You need to change habits, and changing habits is hard. With the latest learnings from the behavioural sciences, however, you can develop the structure to gained a greater understanding to move consumers to choices that help support your brand, but also how to engender beneficial change within your organizations.

In a recent BrainJuicer webinar, “5 Things That Make for a World-Class Insights Team”, CEO and Chief Juicer John Kearon shares a unique, behavioural science-inspired POV on how to eradicate 'bad-trad' habits plaguing research and marketing teams within your organisation. Having helped hundreds of insights teams at both the start-up and multinational level, he shares five tips that will help transform an insights team into a world-class unit that will help make your brand famous.

View the webinar on BrainJuicer's Vimeo channel here:

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