Moroccans help SMEs be more efficient


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The Moroccan Advertiser Association (GAM) has recently launched a new initiative to help Moroccan SMEs approach advertising more effectively. Working together with its partner Telecontact/Kompass, GAM developed a three year strategic plan, which sees the association working closely with SMEs and providing support through a variety of tools and events.

As part of the new plan, GAM encourages knowledge sharing and collective learning in the area of communications across participating SMEs. GAM has organised free sessions on communications and marketing, to help SMEs invest better in advertising and demonstrate to them the role that advertising plays in business. SME managers will also be shown the variety of tools they have at their disposal to develop and measure effective and appropriate communications.

GAM will be holding these sessions across all regions of Morocco. In each city that the session is held, GAM will be inviting approximately forty SMEs.

For more information on this initiative, please contact Mounir Jazouli at

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