National Association Council (NAC): Annual meeting


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Over 25 national advertiser association representatives met in Beijing on April 15th and exchanged experiences on the launch of new membership services. The meeting was led by National Associations Council chair Mike Hughes (ISBA, UK). Chris Van Roey (UBA, Belgium) described the various training modules that UBA Academy is organizing for its members, Digna Santos (PANA, Philippines) updated the group about PANA's Certified Digital Marketer Program and Anders Ericson (Sveriges Annonsörer AB, Sweden) described how his association delivers media auditing services to their members.

There were also some insightful best practice exchanges on effective access to insights. Ritva Hanski-Pitkakoski (Mainostajien Liito, Finland) detailed how they derive additional income by selling their publications and insights to non-members. Bob Liodice (ANA, USA) explained the various options for its members to participate in survey research and interact with peers. Mario Davis (Anda, Chile) explained how their online Knowledge Center has given ANDA a leadership role in collecting all insights, research documents and studies on the Chilean ad market. The minutes and links to the presentations will be sent out shortly. For any additional questions, please contact Caroline Ceska, email:

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