New Zealand Association celebrates 80 years


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The Association of New Zealand Advertisers (ANZA) recently marked the milestone of eighty years of service to its members and to the wider industry.

Speaking at ANZA's Annual General Meeting in July, Chief Executive Lindsay Mouat acknowledged the significance of the milestone but noted that it spoke more of the future than of the past. “Our longevity reflects the contribution we have made, and the trust placed in ANZA by our member companies.” Given the ever-broadening challenges faced by advertiser members, “our history is simply the passport of credibility that, at a time when the right to advertise has never been under greater threat, ensures our voice is heard by key decision-makers” said Mouat.

Also at the AGM Maurice Gunnell (Nestlé) was re-elected as ANZA Chairman. Mr. Gunnell highlighted ANZA's commitment “to remaining relevant, both in continuing to protect the right to advertise in a socially responsible manner and in sharing global and regional best practice with members to assist them to traverse a fast changing advertising landscape”.

For more information, please contact Lindsay Mouat, Chief Executive Association of New Zealand Advertisers (

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