Pakistan launches Crack-it!


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The Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS) has launched a nationwide hackathon, a competition where marketers and techies team up to create strategies and solutions to real briefs – which will be presented to real clients.

The hackathon will be open to all professionals and students from Pakistan in the field of marketing, advertising and IT.

Participants in the competitions offer their ideas and technological solutions against a given challenge or objective. They will work in groups of four – one Creative, one Developer, one Strategist and one Marketer. After being served with a brief, teams will have 12 hours to develop a strategy and prototype their solution.

The brief will outline a particular brand which is facing specific challenges or is looking to fulfil certain objectives – the solution would require not only a digital strategy but a practical implementable solution that leverages single or multiple digital platforms to achieve the desired goal. This could include an app, a website, a game, a software solution, or innovative digital marketing activity.

The team that comes up with the most comprehensive strategy and solution that is innovative and unique in its approach, keeping the local environment in mind, and tackles the challenge at its cores will be the winning team of Crack-It.

Winning teams will get a cash prize of Rs. 150,000 and a chance to pitch the idea to the brand.

For more information, visit the Crack-it! website.

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