Portugal invests in educational and training activities


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The Portuguese advertiser association (APAN) has recently invested in a number of educational initiatives for both its members and non-members. In March 2012, APAN launched the Academia APAN, a new training programme offering crash courses in marketing communications (6 hours), Seminars (12 hours) an in-house training sessions.

Separately, in April 2012, APAN and Media Smart Portugal launched a Facebook page to bring to attention the Media Smart Portugal website and programme led by APAN. The programme, which was launched in January 2008, aims to promote advertising literacy in public and private schools by enabling children to interpret advertising messages, develop their ability to analyse and deconstruct advertising messages, thereby helping them to make better, more informed choices.

For more information, please contact Manuela Botelho at manuela.botelho@apan.pt

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