Portuguese Association launches media literacy e-learning platform


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The Portuguese Association of Advertisers (APAN) has pioneered an e-learning platform to train teachers in the use of Portugal's media literacy program, Media Smart.

Launched on 3rd July, the e-learning platform meets the new requirements as set for media education in preschool, primary and secondary school. Its release has been supported by the Portuguese Ministry of Education.

We partnered with one of the most prestigious universities in our country, the Catholic University, in developing this platform. It is a very important step for Media Smart Portugal and we are proud to be the first country that launches such a platform”, said Manuela Botelho, General Secretary of APAN.

In separate news, WFA has launched Media Smart World, which brings together all existing national Media Smart programs with a view to sharing insights, best practice and promoting the Media Smart brand both at a European and global level.

For more information, contact APAN.

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