Portuguese conference looks at link between consumer happiness and marketing


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On October 22nd 2013, the Portuguese Advertiser Association (APAN) hosted a conference that looked at the findings of an Ipsos Apeme report on: “How can brands turn the current economic and social situation into an opportunity to strengthen ties with consumers?"

The conference, entitled 'Beyond the Obvious', sought to analyse in depth current motivations for consumer purchase and consumption from different perspectives – and looked at how each individual seeks to adjust themself optimally to the context in which they live. Speakers contended that when marketers develop campaigns that look to build relationships with consumers, their campaigns must demonstrate that they understand the consumer as an individual.

Speakers also said that in recent years, consumers are saving more and consuming less than they have for decades and it is expected that the trend will continue. If in fact consumers continue this trend, one has to revisit promotional policies and price reductions to examine whether these are sustainable business strategies. While the current cycle of thrift may simply be a response to the economic crisis, some analysts argue that consumers may also be permanently adjusting their spending based on what they have discovered about what truly makes them happy or satisfied.

Speakers concluded that the strategy "here is one more thing to buy" needs to be replaced by a "quality experience". It was also hypothesised whether wealth reduces the ability to enjoy the smaller pleasures of everyday life.

For more information on the conference, please contact APAN.

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