Spain launches campaign on the value of advertising


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On October 3rd 2013, more than more than 30 organisations from the Spanish advertising sector launched a new campaign to promote the social and economic relevance of the advertising industry in the recession-hit country.

Entitled ˇPublicidad, Si! (or Yes to Advertising!), the campaign is built around a novel idea, which is to unite two brands in one public message. It has chosen very recognisable campaigns from different advertisers which are then introduced by a spokesman from the second brand, explaining the importance of advertising and how it exists to benefit all of us.

The campaign, produced by advertising agency Innocean Worldwide, is being presented on Spanish television, radio, press, billboards and internet with a deliberately direct and simple message driving home the importance of advertising for different sectors of the economy and for society in general.

It comprises seven TV spots and four graphic billboards, each one highlighting a benefit offered by advertising. For example, in one example, the viewer can see a spot by Danone's Activia. Alongside it, Ricardo de Diego, director of marketing for Kia, explains how advertising guarantees brands like Danone an affordable, high-quality method of communication with their customers. Diego believes so much in the value of advertising, he says, that he is able to appear in an ad for another brand to make his point.

The campaign was originally the brainchild of Carlos Martínez de Cabrera, president of the Spanish Association of Communications Agencies (AEACP); it has since been developed with help from the Spanish Association of Advertisers (aea). The idea was born in the summer of 2010, in order to promote the value of the industry and of its activities in external communication as a motor for economic growth.

The organisers have established a set of key principles that articulate the values of advertising:
  • Advertising represents the most efficient way to spread knowledge about investments and businesses.
  • It is a motor of wellbeing, one that facilitates the success of the ideas that benefit our society.
  • Advertising is a fundamentally important driver of competition and of the generation of return on investments
  • Advertising transmits important information to make more easy the free choice of products and services in a competitive environment
  • Advertising sustains the mass media, which guarantees us free information and entertainment that is affordable and of a high quality
  • Advertising promotes the diffusion of fundamental values and ideas about equality, solidarity and social progress
  • Advertising represents a very important economic sector that directly generates 2.6% of GDP. The sector is a dynamic employer
  • Advertising brings some of the most creative talent and innovation to society.
  • The advertising industry, conscious of its capacity to influence, has chosen to regulate itself and practice socially-responsible conduct.
  • Spanish advertising is one of the best-reputed economic sectors outside Spain, recognised by numerous global institutions, multinational businesses and international industry contests.

For more information on the campaign, please contact the aea.

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