Spanish advertisers call for return of advertising on public broadcaster


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The Spanish Advertiser Association (AEA) has requested that the Spanish public broadcaster (RTVE) consider a partial and controlled return of advertising in the wake of the recent revelations about the organisations precarious financial situation. The corporation's president has formally requested from the government "a mechanism to avoid losses being incurred". All advertising was cut from the public broadcaster last year.

The AEA, which has long fought against too much advertising clutter on TV, calls for a partial return of advertising on the public channels so as to avoid a situation in which the economic insolvency of the corporation has to be paid for by the tax-payer. "Advertising must stop being stigmatised. Its true value as driver of economic growth- as much as 3% of GDP- must be recognised, alongside its ability to create jobs, increase consumption, finance sport, culture and many more activities which we would not enjoy if it were not for the support of commercial communications."

AEA has contacted the government and the President of CRTVE to establish the extent to which it would be viable to carry advertising again on RTVE in a way in which would be responsible and acceptable to the consumer. AEA insists that even the partial return to advertising of such an important channel, TVE, would likely avoid further financial losses by RTVE and more strains on tax payers and state budgets.

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