Swedes announce 50 new members in 2013, and release a new branding


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The Swedish Advertisers Association (SA) has announced that it recruited fifty new members in 2013 in spite of Europe's financial recession. This increase makes it the WFA member association with the largest number of corporate members with a total of 565 in membership.

The association constantly focuses on evolving the organisation based on its members' needs and recognises the need to be a must-go-to resource for both small as well as large marketers. A significant benefit that many members emphasize is that the association has, since the development of its conference offering, become the natural venue specifically for advertisers in which they can get meet up with, exchange experiences and get inspired by one another.

“This has created a more secure feeling in investing their time and money into membership”, says Josefin Bergenlind, Sales manager and Head of customer relations.

To reflect its growing reputation and strength in the market, the association will soon launch an updated design to reinforce the brand of the organization. The new design was developed by reputable design bureau Neumeister and a sneak preview of the new identity can be seen above. The A-letters represent all advertisers (”Annonsörer” in Swedish).

For more information, contact Erik Huss.

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