Swedes publish cookie guidelines


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The Association of Swedish Advertisers (Svenska Annonsörer) has, together with IAB Sweden, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise Delegation for Market Law (NDM), the Swedish Association of Communication Agencies, the Swedish Association of Media Agencies and the Swedish Media Publishers' Association published guidelines for the use of cookies online.

The Recommendation (available in English and Swedish) sets out good practice in terms of using of cookies for data storage and retrieval purposes, as regulated by the Swedish Electronic Communications Act (2003:389) and the ePrivacy Directive at EU level. The scope of the Recommendation is under continuous development so the wording of the Recommendation will be updated and amended when deemed necessary to reflect changes in technology and business models in Sweden and within the EU.

For any additional information, please contact Tobias Eltell at Tobias.Eltell@annons.se

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