Swedish advertisers reach out to research industry


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Through 2014, the Association of Swedish Advertisers will work to identify the characteristics of the most successful advertisers in Sweden – partly through a study with the Stockholm School of Economics and the University of Lund and also by carrying out a series of research seminars in conjunction with the Marketing Technology Centre.

The study holds the premise that whilst market research provides some answers on what types of advertising works, the research does not always reach the industry. Through the study, the SA hopes to provide new answers to what advertising works, while creating yet more points of contact between marketing research and the industry.

The study will mainly be carried out via an online survey among marketing executives at the Swedish Advertisers' 550 member companies, and will also be complemented by a number of in-depth interviews with advertising buyers and communications agencies. Preliminary results of the study will be presented on the Advertiser Day on April 29.

Read more on the association website.

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