Switzerland announces new TV Panel Research


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Following the expansion of measurement in the Mediapulse TV panel as of January 1, 2013, Switzerland has now implemented an advanced TV measurement system. The change of method to station recognition using soundtracks (audio-matching) makes it possible to measure not only time-delayed consumption up to seven days after the initial transmission of a show, but also usage on all computers (laptop and desktop, PC and Mac) in the household. Switzerland is one of the first countries to include measurement of TV content on the internet in the official currency of the ratings.

The two most important components in the measurement of TV ratings are the measurement panel and the measuring technique employed in the panel households. The data provided by the Mediapulse TV panel are considered standard currency in Switzerland. The conceptualisation and implementation of the measurement of all Swiss ratings are constantly monitored by internal control processes and the independentMedienwissenschaftliche Kommission (MWK).

For more information, please contact the Swiss Advertiser Association.

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