Thirty brands sign on to ANA's anti-fraud effort


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The Association of National Advertisers has enlisted thirty of its members to address the prevalence of digital-ad fraud, an issue that has been gaining increasing attention as brands invest more into online advertising.

ANA really thinks it is important that our members, the marketers, play a key role in addressing the fraud issue. It's their money; they need to be more active”, said Bill Duggan, group exec VP at the ANA.

During August, the thirty advertisers will append tags developed by anti-fraud company White Ops to their digital creative. This code will allow the company to monitor fraud and produce a report for each at the study's end. The ANA expects to release an aggregate report to the public in mid-October, which will also provide some actionable insights to help advertisers eradicate fraud going forward.

For more information, contact the ANA.

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